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Highways Development Control

Highways Development Control helps to assess the impact of planning applications on our highway and transport infrastructure. We provide services including:

  • technical support for long term strategic planning and evidence at planning appeals
  • assistance with proposed changes or additions to the highway
  • supervising the design and construction of new roads and footpaths that will be adopted as public highways
  • supervision for the design and construction of changes to the existing networks
  • consultation on how streets are named and properties are numbered

Street Naming and Numbering

Ensuring that streets are named and properties are numbered

Changing the Name of your Property

How you can change the name of your property or apply for a property alias

Assessing the Impact of Planning Applications on Highways and Transport Infrastructure

Managing the impact any plans might have on the nearby highways and traffic systems

Changes or Additions to a Highway

Information about the design and construction of alterations or additions to an existing highway

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