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Changing the Name of your Property

How you can change the name of your property or apply for a property alias

The council is the official body that deals with changes to existing address names. The naming of new properties is dealt with through a separate street naming and numbering process.

Changing a Named Property

If you live in a named property with no number (eg The House, Smith Street) and you wish to change the name (eg Dunmovin, Smith Street), please read the Change Process section below.

Registering a Property Name Alias

If your address has a number on a sequentially numbered street, Royal Mail will refuse permission to change the official postal address. A property name alias can however be registered. If you would like the property name alias to be registered, please read the Change Process section below.

Generally speaking, you will not be able to remove the house number from an official address and the alias will not form part of the official address.

Unofficial changes to an address name will not be recognised by any official body.

Change Process

Please complete our Apply to Rename Your House online form. Your application should include:

  • Your current full postal address
  • Your preferred property name
  • Two other alternative property name options (which we will use if your first choice conflicts with another local property)
  • A fee payable via the the council's online payment facility 
  • Proof of ownership

Your choice of property name will be checked for locally conflicting address names, and will be then be submitted to Royal Mail for their approval.

Once the approval from Royal Mail is received, we will formally write on your behalf to all parties, external:

  • Royal Mail
  • Valuation Office
  • Land Registry
  • Emergency Services

 and internal:

  • Council Tax
  • Electoral Registration
  • Planning
  • Environmental Services

A formal letter confirming the name change will then be issued to you. This process generally takes around 2 weeks to complete.

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