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Garden Waste Collection

Information on how to subscribe to our garden waste collection service

If you would like to have your garden waste collected in your green bin, you will need to subscribe to our Garden Waste Collection service. This is an opt-in, paid-for-service.

The 2022/23 garden waste collection service runs until 27 August 2023.

Click here to subscribe to the 2022/23 subscription service. Please be aware that any payment for this service made between now and 30 June 2023 will be at the full amount and will only cover the collection of your garden waste until 27 August 2023.

If you do not subscribe to the garden waste collection service you can compost your garden waste at home or take it to one of our recycling centres

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You can find our frequently asked questions here

How to subscribe to the 2022/23 service

Direct Debit Renewals

If you are a current subscriber and have an active Direct Debit for this service, you do not have to complete the subscription process again this year, unless you cancel your Direct Debit.

You should have received an email or letter notification of your renewal, if you have not received this please contact us at

New Subscribers and non-Direct Debit renewals

If you are a new subscriber, or do not have a current Direct Debit set up, you can subscribe to the 2022/23 Subscription Period (starting on 29 August 2022) by Direct Debit, credit/debit card at any time from now and 30 June 2023. Regardless of when you subscribe, the charges remain fixed. 

See our frequently asked questions for more information.

Please read our updated Icon for pdf terms and conditions [147KB]  for the 2022/23 service before subscribing. Please be aware that there will be no part-year payment option available. Regardless of when you subscribe, the charges remain fixed throughout the subscription period.

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Garden Waste Subscription Charges 2022/23

The subscription period runs from 29 August 2022 to 27 August 2023.

Subscription Type

Subscription Charge (per bin)

Service charge for 1st green bin (existing subscription renewals and first-time subscribers)


Service charge for renewal of each current 2nd to 5th additional bins

(This is for existing subscription renewals only where the one-off set-up payment has already been made in a previous subscription year)


Charge for each new additional 2nd to 5th bin (please note you can have a total of 5 green bins per household)


made up as follows:
£40 for the service charge and £27 for the one-off set-up payment


Payment for the 2022/23 subscription period is by Direct Debit or credit/debit card, which shall be a single payment for the full subscription charge in respect of the forthcoming service period.

The Council has kept the subscription fee unchanged at £50 since the chargeable garden waste collections service was introduced in September 2018. This year will be the first time in five years that the fees are changing and we are introducing a small increase to reflect the fact that the cost of delivering the service has gone up. The new rate compares favourably with the charges applied by many councils for providing similar garden waste collection services to their residents. 

Please note that in the 2021/22 season, a one-off reduction of £4 per bin was applied by the Council as a goodwill gesture for the temporary service suspensions that occurred during the preceding service period.

You have the right to cancel your subscription within 21 days, without giving any reason. Visit our garden waste service cancellation page for more information. 

If you still have questions about the garden waste collection service, please read our frequently asked questions.

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Once you have subscribed to the service, we will send you a subscription sticker for your green bin within 14 days. Please follow the instructions to clearly display the subscription sticker on your green bin, as this will identify that you have paid for the service.

If you are renewing your subscription, please try and remove your brown 2021/22 sticker and place your new subscription sticker directly on to the back of the green bin (handle side) after that subscription period has ended. Do not place it over the top of the old sticker as it may not stick.

Your green bin will be collected every fortnight on your collection day. You can check your collection day online.

To get the most from your service:

  • make sure your bin is ready for collection by 6am on your collection day
  • make sure your subscription sticker is clearly visible on your bin
  • check what can go in your Icon for pdf green bin [4MB]
  • ensure your bin lid is closed and that there is no excess garden waste left next to the bin
  • don't overload your bin, as if it is too heavy we won't be able to empty it
  • make sure you return your bin to your property as soon as possible after collection

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Missed Collection

If your bin was not collected, you should have received a bin hanger on your bin explaining why. If you didn't receive a bin hanger, please check the lists above and below before reporting a missed collection.

Have you:

  • checked if there are there any issues affecting the service - you can check the service status online or follow us on Facebook
  • placed your subscription sticker on your bin
  • got the correct materials in the bin

You can read more about missed bin collections, here.

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Food Waste

Food waste must be placed into your food waste caddy for collection; see our food waste page for more information.

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Excess Garden Waste 

We do not collect excess garden waste. If you have too much garden waste for your green bin, you can order and pay for an additional garden waste subscription, or alternatively you can take excess garden waste (for free) to one of our recycling centres.

You can also compost your garden and food waste at home.

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Sack Collections

If you have sack collections, please see our sack collections webpage for more details. 

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