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How to Become a Shared Lives Carer

Information about becoming a Shared Lives Carer, links to further guidance and contact details

The Shared Lives Scheme recruits carers and families who can offer care and support to individuals from the age of 16, by including them in their family and community life. This gives people in need of support a chance to gain skills that will help them to live a more independent life, with the help of a carer.

Shared Lives care is based on shared interests, experiences and lifestyles. It is very similar to fostering, but for adults.

We are always looking to recruit new carers into the West Berkshire Shared Lives Scheme. Working from home as a self-employed Shared Lives Carer, you can earn between £390  to £650 a week, with tax relief.

Where Can I Find Further Information?

You can find information about what it is like to become a Shared Lives Carer on the Shared Lives Plus website, here.

You can also find out more about the West Berkshire Shared Lives Scheme on the Shared Lives Plus website, here.

If you would like to discuss your interest by phone, please contact the Shared Lives Team on 01635 520173.

Quotes from Our Shared Lives Carers

"It is so rewarding being a Shared Lives carer as you are helping a whole household which is extremely worthwhile. You are doing a positive service for customers and their families".

Can you tell me something you really enjoy as a Shared Lives carer?

"Everything! Being a carer is everything to me. It is not a job, it is my life. Supporting my service users is so rewarding. I currently support two full timers and I do respite as well. They are family members to me and I include them in everything I do."

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