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Dropped Kerbs over Footways and Verges (Vehicle Access)

Find information about and apply for vehicle access to your property over a pavement or grass verge

If you would like to construct a vehicle access over a pavement (footway) and/or over grass verges in the highway (eg for use as a driveway), you must gain permission from the local highway authority (West Berkshire Council) before you do so.

If you already have a vehicle access which you want to extend, or you wish to construct a second access on the same road as your postal address, you will also need to apply for consent.

If your property is located on a classified road (Class A, B or C), you will first need to obtain planning consent before you can submit a vehicle access application. If your property is located on an unclassified road you do not need to obtain planning consent.

Our online map contains information on road classification in West Berkshire.

Please note: you must make sure you have obtained consent before starting work, as failure do so is illegal under the Highways Act 1980.


To read more and to make an application, please complete the Icon for pdf application form [549KB] .

Once your driveway is installed you can request a road marking to be laid on the road across the width of your dropped kerb to highlight its presence and deter vehicles from overhanging it. Further information on access protection markings can be found on Blocked Driveways and Obstructions page.

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