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Homes for Ukraine FAQs

Updated 26 May 2022

General FAQs

We understand that sometimes you might want to ask a question, but you don't want to ring up or email the Hub, so we've created these FAQs to help you find out more and get the feedback you need.

When will the DBS checks come through, and when will the £350 be paid? 

We are completing the verification process on the DBS checks as quickly as possible. Because of how the scheme has been set up we cannot start the monthly payments until these checks are complete. We would ask that you complete the on-line element as quickly as possible to speed up the process and minimise any delays in payment.

When will the bus passes be available?

Bus pass application forms have been (and will continue to be) issued to all hosts who have notified guests have arrived. The passes will be issued for an initial period of three months. Once the forms have been received back in the Hub, we check and verify to the transport team that they are valid under the scheme. The transport team will then issue the relevant passes directly. All forms received are being verified as they come in.

When will we receive a letter from WBC to serve as a proof of address for the guests (for bank account opening and GP surgery registration etc)?

Those that have notified us that guests have arrived should be receiving letters of confirmation that that residency at the host address is notified to the Council. It is important that as with the bus passes, payments etc. that you notify us if your guest(s) leave.

Pre-Payment Card FAQs

We've also had questions about the Prepayment Cards that your guests are receiving:

Can they withdraw cash as well as spend money using the card? 

Yes, they can, from banks and post offices.

How do they get the PIN (Personal Identification Number) number to use my card? 

Call the number on the letter to get the PIN. They must write this down, as otherwise, it is hard to have the information given again.

How much will I receive? 

The amount is £200 per guest, including per child. Children's £200 is put onto their parent or carers card.

When will they receive the money?

We will arrange to come and see your guests with the payment and other information as soon as the hosts tell us about their arrival.

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