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Safer Journey Cards

Easy to use travel cards to help bus drivers understand your travel needs

For most people, catching a bus is taken for granted, but for some of our residents, it can be a challenge to communicate with the driver or to explain that they might need help with certain things. We want everyone to have the confidence to travel without fear or confusion on our bus services. 

The first card in our Safer Journey Cards document

We've created a range of easy to use travel cards called Safer Journey Cards.
You can Icon for pdf view and download our Safer Journey Cards, here. [313KB]

The cards contain messages that you can show to the bus driver to help them understand your needs. They were originally designed to be used by residents with hidden disabilities, communication or mobility issues. However, anyone who would find them useful for completing their journey can use them.

The cards will be recognised on all bus services within West Berkshire, but they are also helpful if you use services in neighbouring areas.

What is written on the Safer Journey Cards?

There are eight Icon for pdf Safer Journey Cards [313KB]  that you can use. Seven of the cards have messages printed on them already, and one of the cards has a space to write your own message. Our cards also include room to add a destination, so that the driver can see where you want to go. 

The messages on the cards are:

  • "Please let me know when we get to... "
  • "Please help check or scan my pass for me.  I wish to go to... "
  • "I am deaf. I wish to go to... "
  • "Please be patient with me, I have a hidden disability. I wish to go to... "
  • "Please speak slowly and face me to help me understand you better"
  • "Please wait for me to sit down before moving away (in case I fall)"
  • A blank card to write your own message

Using your Safer Journey Cards

To use your Safer Journey cards, Icon for pdf download the document from this webpage [313KB]  and print it off (it doesn't matter if it is in black and white). If you can't print out the document, get in touch with us and we will send you one, or as many as you would like.

We have written a Icon for pdf 'How to use the Safer Journey Card' step-by-step guide [1MB] for you to use if you need more information on how to use the cards.

The guide shows you how the Safer Journey Cards neatly fold into one card, or how you can just cut out each of the cards that you need, if you prefer.

You can write your own message, or where you want to go, in the spaces on the cards.

Show your Safer Journey card to the driver when you board the bus. It's a good idea to place it next to your concessionary bus pass, if you have one.

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