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Find and comment on a planning application

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Find a planning application

You can use our public access site to search for, view and comment on planning applications and appeals:

Search using the reference number


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You can also:


Weekly application and decision lists

You can view or download the most recent weekly applications and decisions list documents below:

Applications pending consideration and recently decided

To view current applications pending consideration or recently decided, use the map below to search by application reference number, address or postcode. Click on the green netting to show more information about the application. Scroll down within the pop up box and click 'view' to open up our public access website for the full application details.

Alternatively, use the box at the bottom of the map to scroll through the list of current Major Applications that are pending consideration or recently decided.

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Associated Planning Documents

23/02142/MINMAJ - Land Adjacent To M4 Membury Airfield Lambourn Woodlands Hungerford.

Icon for excel The Biodiversity Metric 4.0 - Calculation Tool for 2302142MINMAJ [4MB]

Commenting on an application (objecting or supporting)

You can comment on a planning application, either to object or support the application. This is known as making a 'representation'.

You can submit a representation in one of three ways:

Please include the reference number of the planning application with your representation so it can be processed quickly.

As long as the application is yet to be determined (decided), you may still submit a representation by email, even if the online record shows that the 'date for comments' has expired.

What to include in your representation

When making an objection, please bear in mind that planning officers are only able to take certain things into account, such as:

  • possible conflicts with planning policies for the area
  • the height of a proposed building and whether it would overshadow neighbouring properties to an unreasonable extent
  • an increase in noise, disturbance or in the level of traffic that would be harmful (this should relate to the proposal itself and not to building works)
  • the appearance of a proposed building in relation to neighbours and the area

Issues such as the loss of a view, or the devaluation of property, are not considered to be valid reasons for objecting to a planning application.

Personal information and data protection

Please read our guidelines on your personal data, our disclaimer and copyright before submitting a representation to the Planning Department.

Any comments made on an application (including personal details such as phone numbers) become part of the planning application file, which is a public document and may be seen by the applicant, other members of the public and councillors. If you want your personal details to remain confidential and not to be displayed on the website, you can request this by following our confidentiality process.

For other information including withholding comments from publication, our disclaimer and copyright for documents and maps, please see our your personal data, our disclaimer and copyright page.


Measuring a plan

To measure a plan, open the plan using a PDF viewer such as Adobe. Most PDF viewers have an option that allows you to measure plans.

There are three measurement options:

  • distance - the length from one point to another
  • perimeter- used to measure a set distance between multiple points, for example, the outline of a building or room
  • area - the  square metre (m2) measurement within the line segments you draw, for example, the floor space

To measure plans you will need to select the right option for your measurement as shown in the table below:

Plan scaleScale ratioEquals


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