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Greening Campaign

We have partnered with the Greening Campaign to help provide a tailored framework of climate action for our parish and town councils.

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We aim to encourage community action, from individual behaviour change to large community-based environmental projects. Using the Greening Campaign programme, parish councils work with residents to complete actions to improve both their health and their local environment's health.

The programme is split into phases:

Phase 1: Engage your community - with actions to complete and achieve to get your residents involved

Phase 2: Five pillars of sustainability - begin to tackle more serious local issues, including nature, health and wellbeing, energy efficiency, waste prevention, and food production


Visit the Greening Campaign website here


Email your parish or town council to find out if they are interested.

Please get in touch with to find out more and get started in your local area. Your parish or town council must also be involved.

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