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Frontier Agriculture

Frontier Agriculture Ltd own and manage a site in West Berkshire near Hermitage.

It is an Upper Tier COMAH site because of the volume of chemicals on the site. This means that a specific Off-Site Emergency Plan has been written to minimise the consequences in case of a major accident. The plan complies with the legal requirements set out in the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations 2015.

The plan is held by West Berkshire Council's Emergency Planning Service and contains information on responding to, controlling and recovering from an accident at this site.


In the unlikely event of an emergency

In the extremely unlikely event that an emergency occurs the public will be kept up to date with information with the key initial message being:

Go in, stay in, tune in - an illustrative image for emergency action


  • Go in - shut windows and doors and shut down fans, fires, ventilators or any air conditioning system drawing air from outside
  • Stay in - stay indoors
  • Tune in - listen to the local radio or TV; information will be broadcast periodically, so keep listening to local stations including BBC Radio Berkshire and Heart

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