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Draft Domestic Abuse Strategy 2023-2027

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Consultation status Closed
Start date: 2024-04-05
End date: 2024-05-19
Results 2024-09-19
Category: Adult Care and Housing, Caring for Children and Families, Your West Berkshire

Activity closed.

Draft West Berkshire Domestic Abuse strategy 2023-2027 cover


As a local authority, we have a duty under the Domestic Abuse Act 2021, to assess, or make arrangements for the assessment of, the need for accommodation-based domestic abuse support in the area for all victims and their children who reside in relevant safe accommodation, including those who come from outside of the area.

Our Domestic Abuse Strategy, which is refreshed every four years, explains how we'll work with our partners to:

  • tackle and prevent domestic abuse
  • ensure a variety of support options are available in our district
  • meet the needs of all domestic abuse victims, including children

To learn more about what is meant by the term "domestic abuse" and how we help and support those experiencing it, please visit our webpage.

How we developed our draft strategy

In May 2023 we carried out a needs assessment on our domestic abuse services, and worked with our partners to listen and understand the stories and experiences of victims, shaping our draft strategy around the support and services they have told us they need.

We've drawn this information together and established the following four priorities:

  1. We will act before harm, preventing domestic abuse before it occurs.
  2. We will identify domestic abuse as early as possible and increase the safety of those experiencing it who are at risk of harm.
  3. We will identify and stop those that cause harm. 
  4. We will work to empower survivors to recover, thrive and live free from harm.

Our existing Domestic Abuse Strategy 2020-23 and Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation Strategy 2021-23 both expired last year, so we have also taken these documents into consideration to ensure the new overarching strategy meets the needs of victims across the district, and improves our response to domestic abuse.

Why we want your views

We'd like your views on our draft strategy to find out if you think that:

  • we're planning on focussing on the right areas
  • there is anything we've missed
  • it is clear, and easy to understand

It's by hearing from local people that we can make the changes needed to ensure our strategy is fit for purpose and reflective of the needs in our local area.

We'll also be gathering the views of partner organisations, council staff and voluntary and community groups.

Please read or download our draft strategy before completing the survey:

How to take part

If you'd like to comment on our draft strategy, please complete our survey by midnight on Sunday, 19 May 2024. It should take about five to ten minutes.

If you have any questions about the consultation, please email 

For general enquiries about the help and support available for those experiencing domestic abuse, please visit our webpage.

What happens next

Your feedback will be used to inform the final strategy before it is submitted for consideration by elected members at an Executive meeting in Autumn 2024. If approved, the final strategy will be published on our Strategies, Policies and Plans webpage.

A corresponding action plan will be developed based on the information set out in our strategy, which will help us work towards addressing any gaps in service provision and agreed priorities.

Where to find help and support with Domestic Abuse

If you feel you would like help, support, or advice in relation to domestic abuse and it is a non-emergency, you can contact the West Berkshire Domestic Abuse Service provided by Berkshire Women's Aid who support people who have or are experiencing domestic abuse in the following ways:

Call 999 if it's an emergency and you, or someone you know, are in immediate danger.


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