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Volunteer to Help With Community Transport

Volunteering for community transport in West Berkshire

Volunteering with a community transport group allows you to get involved in a vital local service, which has a real impact on people's daily lives. You don't necessarily even need a driving licence as there are many non-driving based roles which support the daily community transport operation.

The benefits of volunteering include:

  • Helping build a real sense of community spirit
  • The opportunity to give something back to the community
  • The chance to Increase you local knowledge
  • The opportunity to meet new and like minded local people
  • Groups provide full training for every role
  • A sense of reward from being a member of a valuable and appreciated team
  • A boost to your mind and body - volunteering has been proven to improve your health and well being by keeping you active and engaged

How Much Time Do I Need to Volunteer?

The hours volunteers are expected to commit can be very flexible, and can range from one or two hours a month to eight hours a day, five days a week. Giving a little time can make a really positive positive difference to your local community.

How Can I Get Involved?

Each group is run independently, so you should contact them directly to discuss opportunities. You can search for community transport groups on the West Berkshire Directory.

You can also find volunteering opportunities on the West Berkshire Volunteer Centre website.

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