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Using Data to Combat Depression

How we're using data from a digital service to combat depression and isolation

Posted by: Digital Services Team on 18 March 2022 06:00
Screenshot of the front end of the Ask for help from our Community Support Hub service

Back in April we wrote about a new digital service to help support residents during the coronavirus pandemic. Since then our Community Support Hub has helped hundreds of people, and using the digital service we've been able to better capture and act on the needs of people who have contacted us.

Not only have they been able to help people who have contacted the Hub for direct assistance, but through analysing the data they have obtained in the interests of organising a community response to COVID-19, they have been able to reach out to people who may be vulnerable and offer them assistance too.

It's a great example of how using a digital service can not only have an immediate benefits to services users, but can be use to help others too.

Last modified: 20 April 2023 16:43

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