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How to create and submit a petition to influence council policy, plans or activity.

Petitions can be used to ask us to take some action on an issue in the West Berkshire area.

You can take a look at petitions that have already been submitted on our e-petitions webpage.

Creating a Petition

The Icon for pdf constitution (Part 13 Codes and Protocols - Appendix C) [1MB]  sets the rules about how petitions should be created, what the petition needs to say for us to be able to respond to it and what happens afterwards.

You can create a petition online, collect signatures by hand on a paper version (Icon for doc download a template [80KB] ), or maintain an electronic document for submission by email.

You should always read the constitution for full instructions on how to create and submit a petition.

Generally, petitions need to include:

  • a clear purpose and statement about why they're being created
  • the name and contact details of the petition organiser
  • at least 50 signatories

Submitting a Petition

Petitions can be submitted:

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