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Apply for Tree Works or to Remove a Hedgerow

For works to trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) or are in a Conservation Area, or if you intend to remove a hedgerow

If you're planning tree work that affects a tree (or trees) that are protected by a TPO or in a conservation area, or work that will result in the removal of a hedgerow, we need to be notified and you need to obtain permission before you start.

There's no fee payable when applying or notifying us of proposed works to trees or proposed hedgerow removal.

You can submit an 'Application for Tree Works' or 'Hedgerow Removal Notice' online through the Planning Portal.

Alternatively, applications/notifications can be submitted by post to our Planning Service, using the forms below. Please include both the completed form and a basic sketch plan.

Apply for Tree Works

Apply to Remove a Hedgerow

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