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Reservists: information and support

Reservists work alongside regular serving personnel to deliver the military capability the nation needs in an integrated fashion. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) are aligning the reserves more closely with the regulars in all areas, including training, equipment and pay, while continuing to recognise the specific demands reserve service makes.

For more information visit the Armed Forces Covenant 'regulars and reserves' page.

Becoming a reservist

If you're interested in becoming a reservist, the following websites have more details about the roles available and how to join:

South East Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association (SE RFCA)

South East Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association (SE RFCA) is one of 13 RFCAs UK wide. SERFCA is a Ministry of Defence (MOD) Crown body, responsible to the Defence Council, but separate from military chains-of-command. SERFCA gives support to the Reserve Forces and Cadets from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force in the South East, including in West Berkshire.

Employing a reservist

West Berkshire Council will provide community leadership in supporting the armed forces with their recruitment campaign.  

We would encourage businesses to pledge their support for employing reservists.

Working for us

We employ staff who are members of the reserve forces. We recognise the valuable contribution that reservists make to the armed forces and their civilian workplace. The council supports the training undertaken by reservists which enables them to develop skills and abilities that can be of benefit to them as employees, and to the council in terms of service delivery.

As an employer, we positively support staff who are already reservists and those who are thinking of becoming a reservist.

Our offer to reservists in addition to other benefits includes:

  • two weeks extra paid leave under the Special Leave Policy (pro-rata for part-time colleagues) to attend annual reservist training
    • additional unpaid leave or annual leave from the employee's normal annual allocation may be granted for short periods of training, provided adequate notice is given and where such training cannot be undertaken in off-duty time
  • a flexible working policy to assist with military commitments
  • management support in preparation for, during and after mobilisation
  • a buddy system with an option to buddy with a member of staff with armed forces experience
  • informal staff network of armed forces
  • Armed Forces Service Champions to represent the views of armed forces employees

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