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Recycling Plastic Pots, Tubs and Trays

We are trialling new recycling banks for recycling plastic pots, tubs and trays

The four new recycling banks will be available from Monday 29 March 2021 and will be able to accept plastic pots, tubs and trays including:

  • yoghurt pots
  • cream pots
  • butter/margarine tubs
  • plastic food trays, eg takeaway trays, ready meal trays
  • tubs from chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crackers
  • biscuit tray packaging
  • clear fruit punnets
  • clear meat trays
  • cosmetic pots, eg face cream pots
  • plastic lids (bottle tops, plastic lids etc)

Please make sure that your plastic pots, tubs and trays are washed and lids/film are removed before recycling. Items should be put into the recycling banks loose and not in plastic bags.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept:

  • black plastic trays
  • plastic film
  • crisp packets
  • plastic wrapping
  • foil lids
  • flower pots

Alternative recycling schemes may be available for plastic film, crisp packets, plastic wrapping or foil lids. You can check on the Recycle Now website.

The plastic recycling banks for pots, tubs and trays will be located at:

You can view our frequently asked questions about this service, here.

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