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What Can You Do With My Account?

We're adding new things to My Account all the time; here's what you can currently do with it.

You'll be able to see the progress of current requests and the history of:

  • Permits for our Household Waste Recycling Centres
  • Things you've reported through our Report a Problem service, including broken streetlights, potholes, grass that needs cutting, and a lot more.
  • Your requests for replacement bins, recycling bags and boxes.
  • Your requests for a larger black bin.
  • Your rubbish and recycling days, and when your garden waste subscription expires if you have one.
  • Your payments for
    • Changing the name of your property
    • Highways licences and permits including for: cranes, depositing materials, hoardings, scaffolding, skips, streetworks and Section 115E, and temporary excavations
    • Marriage or civil partnership ceremonies
    • Pre Planning Application advice
    • Replacement bus passes.
    • Temporary Events Notices

You can do a lot more online too, and you can see a list of other logins and what they do here.


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