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Feeling Less Lonely

Support if you, or someone you care for, feels isolated and lonely.

There are lots of ways to socialise and make new friends in your local area and across West Berkshire - we have listed some ideas below.

Please note: It is advisable to check with the organisers directly, or via their website, that groups are up and running again, following Covid-19.

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Lunch Clubs

Lunch clubs run across West Berkshire - they provide a social occasion for many people, as well as an important opportunity to eat well without needing to worry about preparing the food yourself. Many lunch clubs are subsidised, and offer the chance to take part in various social activities. 

You can find more information about lunch clubs in West Berkshire on our West Berkshire Directory.

There's likely to be one close to where you live - you can filter the list of lunch clubs by your own location to find one near you.

Clubs and Centres

Clubs and day centres run across our district, sometimes offering activities and trips to join in with, or services such as hairdressing or meals. You can join or 'drop in' for a visit.

We list different clubs and opportunities on our West Berkshire Directory - don't forget you can filter the results on the directory to find the club or centre nearest to you:

If you have trouble getting out and about, our help getting around webpage lists some options that might help.

Befriending Services

Befriending services usually involve people popping round to visit you in your home, or calling you on the phone for a chat.

They are there for people who might find it difficult to get out to visit a Day Centre or Lunch Club.

Communications Technology and Equipment to Help in Your Home

If you need some help staying in touch or socialising, perhaps because of an impairment or disability, sometimes technology can help. 

Things like talking newspapers and books, or adapted telephones, radio and television can all help relieve feelings of isolation or loneliness. There are also organisations that can help you get started with computers and IT. AbilityNet provide free IT support at home to older people and people with disabilities, or you may be able to get help from your local library.

You can find a list of organisations offering technology, equipment and support on our West Berkshire Directory.

Do you still need help? Get in touch with us and tell us what you're looking for.

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