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Highway Related Search Information

Finding information on adopted roads, rights of way and traffic schemes and making highway search enquiries.

On this page:

Adopted Roads and Road Classification

An adopted road is a highway that was a privately-owned road, but has become a public road, managed and maintained by the highway authority (typically the local authority).

You can view Adopted Roads on our online map.

Please note: to show the key for the routes marked on the map, click on the 'Legend' in the top right hand corner of the map.

Public Rights of Way

You can view the Public Rights of Way recorded on the working copy of the Definitive Map.  

If you require a verified Public Rights of Way map, please contact the Definitive Map Officer.

Please note: to show the key for the routes marked on the map, click on the 'Legend' in the top right hand corner of the map.

Road and Traffic Schemes

All of the following road and traffic related orders are subject to formal public consultation:

  • new roads or alterations to existing road
  • restrictions on the movement of traffic
  • traffic calming works
  • pedestrian crossings
  • cycle tracks
  • residents parking controls
  • stopping up, extinguishment, downgrading and diversion of highways

Further information about consultations is available on our consultation page.

We hold electronic records from 1 April 2006. If you require information from before this date, we will need to perform a detailed search.

Highway Search Enquiries

For the supply of highway related information the fees are as follows:

  • A4 plan showing up to 100m of public highway boundary extent - £75
  • per additional 100m of highway - £25
  • per additional question - £25

Additional questions may include information about the following:

  • current and proposed road improvement/widening schemes
  • public Rights of Way
  • dedication information
  • future works which may affect traffic in the area

These charges cover the cost involved in researching historic maps and archived documents, as well as site visits in some cases.

A quote can be sent free of charge if required. Please email our Highways Asset Management Team.

Your enquiry should be made in writing, accompanied by a plan of the area to be searched and a cheque for the correct amount made payable to West Berkshire Council. This should be sent to our Market Street Offices for the attention of Transport and Countryside - Asset Management Team

Upon receipt of payment, we will aim to provide a response to your enquiry within ten working days.

What is not included in a Highway Search Enquiry?

Some things are not included in a Highway Search Enquiry, such as:

  • road maintenance and parking issues - for enquiries relating to maintenance such as potholes in roads or footpaths, grass cutting or parking issues please report the problem online here
  • planning applications - for information relating to specific planning applications, please contact the Planning Service
  • local search enquiries - for enquiries relating to Local Searches, the Local Land Charger Register or CON29, please see our Local Land Charges page
  • land ownership - in most cases, the council does not own highway land - all general land ownership enquiries should be directed to the Land Registry
  • copies of legal agreements and documents - copies of agreements, for example Section 38 and Section 278 Agreements under the Highways Act 1980 may be obtained from Legal Services

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