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On-street Disabled Parking Bay

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Although it is not possible to reserve any part of the public highway for any individual, it is possible to allocate a specific area of public highway for a certain demographic of user, i.e. disabled (blue badge) holders. To ensure that any on-street disabled bays are placed where they are most needed, it is possible for blue badge holders to request where they are placed on the public highway, including outside their homes (subject to site assessment).

There are two types of disabled parking bays that can be placed on the public highway:

In Town

These bays are often put in by the Council where there are existing restrictions to allow those with mobility difficulties to park closer to shops and services. You will see these bays marked with a 'DISABLED' road marking and adjacent sign.

These restrictions are reviewed regularly and any member of the public can request additional bays or changes to existing bays - see How to Apply below.

Out of Town

These bays are typically in areas where there are no restrictions in place and parking is on a first come, first serve basis. Residents with a disability who struggle to park close to their home can apply for a disabled bay to be marked on the road outside of their property (subject to site assessment) - see How to Apply below.


  • If a disabled bay is requested, approved and installed it would be available for any Blue Badge Holder to use and should not be considered as being for the exclusive use of the applicant.
  • We cannot provide disabled bays on private land or off the public highway.
  • There is no charge for the installation of a disabled parking bay as any Blue Badge Holder can use them wherever they've been provided.
  • Disabled bays are usually only provided at a resident's request where there is no accessible off-street parking available, as this should be the preferred location for disabled passengers or drivers to safely board/exit their vehicle.
  • We ask to be notified if/when a disabled bay is no longer required so that it can be removed to increase on-street parking capacity for other residents.

How to Apply

If you would like to request a disabled bay be marked on the public highway you will need to email a completed Icon for doc Disabled Bay Application Form [31KB] to; or post it to Traffic and Road Safety Team, Environment, Place Directorate, West Berkshire Council, Market Street, Newbury RG14 5LD. 

Or, alternatively, you can drop your completed form at West Berkshire Council Reception during office hours, marked as above. It will then be allocated to an Officer who will visit the site to make an assessment. If the preferred location is not possible, you will be advised of this and if any other alternative locations are possible. The marking will not be installed until a suitable location has been agreed between both parties.

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