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Business Continuity

Helping your organisation continue to operate effectively after disruptive incidents

Could your business make it through a crisis? Incidents such as severe weather, staff absence, failure of a key supplier, fires, floods, malicious damage and many other potential incidents can cause a business significant problems and prevent it from carrying out its usual operations.

A business continuity plan can help prevent operational interruptions to your organisation and enable it to quickly return to a state of 'business as usual'. It also helps ensure that products and services are delivered, brands and reputations are protected, and the interests of stakeholders are protected.

Once created, a business continuity plan must be tested and exercised.

Berkshire Business Continuity Forum (BBCF)

The Berkshire Business Continuity Forum (BBCF) was founded in 2004 with the aim of raising awareness of business continuity and wider resilience issues to local organisations in Berkshire. The group is run by volunteers who are involved in and have experience of business continuity in some way, shape or form. They all give their time and contributions for free. 

Membership of the BBCF is free.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list and attend events then please contact the Emergency Planning Service. You can also join in the discussion through the LinkedIn community.

Additional Resources

You can find out more about how to develop and exercise a business continuity plan on the GOV.UK website, or download their Icon for pdf Business Continuity Management Toolkit [569KB]

The Business Continuity Institute also offers further training and qualifications in business continuity management.

You can contact the Emergency Planning Service who can provide help and advice if you're thinking of formulating a Business Continuity plan.

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