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Berkshire West Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-2030

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What is the Health and Wellbeing Strategy?

The strategy sets out how professionals across health and social care will work together to improve the health of the population.

It covers the Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire local authority areas. Each of the three local authority areas have their own delivery plan describing how the strategy will be implemented in each area.

The strategy has been developed through a process of data analysis, stakeholder engagement, prioritisation, and public engagement and consultation.

The new strategy is based around five health and wellbeing priorities:

  1. Reduce the differences in health between different groups of people
  2. Support individuals at high risk of bad health outcomes to live healthy lives
  3. Help families and children in early years
  4. Promote good mental health and wellbeing for all children and young people
  5. Promote good mental health and wellbeing for all adults

Why is this strategy important?

The strategy will be the focus for health and social care working in partnership across all three areas to improve your health and wellbeing. It is a declaration of where we all think it is important to work together to make a difference, and so will affect decisions about where money is spent and where resources are put over the next ten years.

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