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Asbestos Management

Managing and disposing of asbestos safely.

If you think you have found asbestos, either at home or at work, it is important you deal with it carefully.

Many people have worries about asbestos, but undisturbed asbestos usually poses no problems. However, you should always take care to prevent the release of fibres, as they can cause serious damage to your health.

More information about asbestos is available on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website.

Asbestos disposal

West Berkshire residents must arrange an appointment for disposal of cement-bonded asbestos using our free Newtown Road facility in Newbury. To make an asbestos appointment, call Customer Services on 01635 519080.

Before making an appointment, please read our terms and conditions below.

Wokingham Borough Council residents should contact Waste Services via the Wokingham Borough Council website.


Terms and conditions for asbestos disposal at Newtown Road recycling centre, Newbury

You must comply with all of the following for free disposal of your asbestos waste:

  • you must book an appointment via customer services
  • the cement bonded asbestos must be from your property (for example: a shed roof, drainpipes, water tank or tiles) - waste from a business or removed by a builder will not be accepted
  • you cannot dispose of more than 15 sheets (or equivalent) of cement bonded asbestos no bigger than 1.2m by 0.6m, within a twelve month period - this is approximately equal to the amount that comes from a standard single garage roof
  • the cement bonded asbestos must be double bagged or double wrapped in heavy duty plastic, to prevent it from tearing the packaging and sealed with tape
  • you must bring proof of current address and photo ID with you when you visit the site (for example: a recent utility bill and passport or driving licence)
  • you must provide your own protective equipment when disposing of the bonded asbestos on the site - please refer to the Health and Safety Executive website for more information
  • if you need assistance to move the asbestos from your vehicle to the skip you must bring someone with you to help do this

At the site

When you arrive, please park in the zone 1 lay by and report to the member of staff at the entrance gate to advise them that you have an asbestos appointment booked. This must be done before any material is unloaded from your vehicle.

You will need to show proof of ID and address; if you fail to provide the required documents you will be unable to dispose of your asbestos.

The site staff are required to assess the waste and check the bagging/wrapping is secure in order to prevent contamination to themselves and other site users. Please note that occasional handling of correctly bagged/wrapped asbestos waste should pose no threat, but regular handling may be dangerous for the long-term health of site staff. Therefore we cannot permit site staff to handle asbestos waste on a regular basis and if you need assistance transferring the waste to the skip you should arrange for someone to accompany you to the site to help.

You can only dispose of maximum of 15 sheets (or equivalent) within a 12 month period. This quantity can be taken on one visit or over a number of visits until you have disposed of an amount equivalent to 15 sheets.

If you have more than 15 sheets (or equivalent) of cement bonded asbestos to dispose, please contact a private waste contractor who is registered to handle asbestos. The Asbestos Removal Contractors Association provides details of accredited asbestos removal contractors. The Health and Safety Executive provide more information about asbestos.

Please note this service is not available for blue permit holders.

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