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Single Person 25% Discount Review September 2023

We are conducting a single person discount review.

Each year, every council are obliged to take reasonable steps to ensure that reductions, discounts and exemptions have been awarded correctly. We also have a duty to protect public funds. 

Whilst customers are reminded to notify the council of any changes that may affect their reduced Council Tax bill, there could be a variety of reasons why this may not happen.

Letters are now being sent to customers who are receiving 25% Single Person Discount to request they confirm that they remain the only resident in the property.

This year, the council have asked the NFI (National Fraud Initiative) to highlight potential cases where an additional resident may be present. When highlighting these cases, the council are not passed any details of who, or the reasons why an address might be occupied by two or more residents. Where situations like this have risen, the letter we send you will mention this detail.

All cases of Single Person Discount are being reviewed and, therefore, should you wish to advise the council before you recieve a letter, please email

Please note, the council can impose a penalty if customers fail to notify us promptly of a change affecting their discount or knowingly claim a reduction which they are not entitled to.        

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