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Website Review and Renew

Reviewing and renewing our digital content

Posted by: Digital Services Team on 02 August 2021 10:00

Here in the Digital Services Team, we're always trying to improve the information and services we have on our website.

As part of this ongoing process, we've started the Website Review and Renew project which aims to assess and improve our content. This includes tasks such as checking that content is up to date, making sure we have all the information that users need, improving the clarity of our information, and fixing errors or broken links.

The Review and Renew project aims to:

  • make our website clearer to read and understand
  • make it easier to find the information or services that users need
  • improve the consistency of our content
  • make sure that our content is accessible

The project as a whole will involve working with different teams across the Council to review their webpages and make improvements where necessary. Reviewing all of our content will definitely take time, but as we make progress, our content will become more and more user friendly.

If you'd like to provide any feedback on our website, please use our How Did We Do? online form to submit your comments. We welcome useful comments and feedback, as they help us to understand what information users are looking for or where our content or services fall short of expectations.

If you'd like to stay in touch with the Digital Services Team, make sure to check our blog for updates or follow us on Twitter.

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