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What is a Local Plan?

The West Berkshire Local Plan is a long-term strategic document used by West Berkshire Council to set out its vision and a framework for the future development of the area.

West Berkshire is a great place to live, work and visit - and we want to keep it that way for future generations. The Local Plan will help us to achieve this.

Today, West Berkshire is a thriving district which boasts the economic advantages of the South East and the excellent lifestyle opportunities of the South West. It's seen as a fantastic place to live by residents, who benefit from good education, health and employment opportunities. Beyond that, it has received significant investment which has allowed it to flourish as a well-connected, prosperous and desirable local economy with world-class digital infrastructure.

To ensure the district remains a great place to live, work and visit we need to ensure we are planning for future housing needs, providing land for employment (such as offices, factories and warehouses) and the infrastructure needed to meet the changing needs of our population in the years ahead. The West Berkshire Local Plan sets out how this will be achieved.

The Local Plan helps us to:

  • Deliver enough homes to meet our housing targets, meeting local needs and ensuring there is a housing mix with something for everyone
  • Provide sustainable developments which have good quality design, construction and efficiency
  • Support a strong and sustainable economy by providing land for employment, and with it a range of local job opportunities
  • Protect our environment by tackling the effects of climate change, minimising demand for energy and other resources and promoting sustainable and low-emission travel options
  • Enhance the vitality and viability of town and village centres as places for shopping, leisure and community activities
  • Conserve and enhancing the distinctive character and identity in our towns, villages and countryside as well as historic and natural environments

To ensure it continues to look to the future and meet the current and emerging needs of the district the Local Plan is reviewed every five years. Read more about why the Local Plan is being reviewed.


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