West Berkshire Council

Apply for an Older Person's Bus Pass

A pass for those who are of eligible age that entitles the holder to concessionary travel on local buses off peak in England.

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iCM Form
  1. You will need to upload an electronic copy of a photograph and a scan of proof of residence, and another separate item as proof of age on the last page (page 3) of this form.
    You will not be able to complete and submit the form without these.
  2. Change to the age of eligibility for National Bus Pass
    1. If you were born before 06 November 1953 you are now eligible to receive your National Off-Peak Bus Pass.

      If you were born on or after 06 November 1953, the eligible age for both woman and men is the state pensionable age of a woman. To check your state pensionable age see the calculator on the Direct Government website or contact Concessionary Fares Team

    2. Please note the earliest you can apply for your bus pass is up to ten days prior to your eligible age.
  3. Photograph
    1. (Please attach at the end of the application)

      Photographs should be to passport standards and be a true likeness: showing your full face, facing forwards and without a hat, taken a plain pale background.

      For more information, please visit the .Gov page on Rules for passport photos.

      Please note - Photograph should be in an image format only - jpeg, gif, png, or PDF - photographs in word documents will not be accepted.
  4. Proof of residence
    1. You will need one of the following as proof of residence, choose one to be uploaded
      1. A driving licence can be used as proof of age or residence, but not both.
      2. Please select *
  5. Proof of age
    1. You will need one of the following as proof of age (with your printed date of birth), choose one to be uploaded
      1. Please select *
      2. Note: You will need to provide different evidence for proof of age and residence.