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We need your opinions on local bus services and how to make them better.

Posted by: Communications team on 11 July 2023 13:56
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Buses are a vital part of public transport in the UK - allowing young people to go to college or school, enabling pensioners to see their family and friends, and connecting people to work opportunities they would not otherwise consider. Buses sustain town centres, strengthen communities and help towards protecting the environment.

In 2021 the Government launched the National Bus Strategy setting out its vision of improved bus services and provided authorities with additional funding to 'build back better' bus services via the Bus Service Improvement Plans. Its main aim is to get more people travelling by bus but this can only be achieved if buses are made more practical and attractive as an alternative to the car.

Over the last few years we have been working with our local residents to gather thoughts and intelligence on the local bus service. In summer 2021 we asked for opinions to help form the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) which outlined how we at the Council, alongside bus operators in the district, would improve bus services in order to receive extra finding, which we were successful to be awarded £2.6 million.

Last summer we asked about the changes and improvements made so far, to find out how satisfied residents were with local public bus services. Now, we want to gather views on ticketing improvements in the last year, the £2 National Single Fare Cap Scheme, your experiences of the service in recent months, suggestions for improvements, changes to existing bus services, and views on new bus services we are expecting to introduce in the coming months.

Cllr Denise Gaines, Executive Member for Highways, Housing and Sustainable Travel at West Berkshire Council, said:

"Public transport is a vital way to travel in a cost effective and sustainable way. That's why your views are extremely important and will help inform how we can continue to ensure your local bus services will provide vital services to all residents in West Berkshire and beyond.

"Having this continuous feedback helps us measure trends over a period of time to see where the services are working well and where improvements can be made in the future."

To take part, please complete the online survey by midnight on Sunday 10 September 2023:

Paper copies of the survey are also available. Please call: 01635 519394 or email: to request.



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