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West Berkshire Lottery £2,000 winner is City Arts Newbury supporter

Posted by: Communications on 10 August 2021 11:37
2021 - £2000 Lottery Winner

West Berkshire Lottery has recently awarded a local resident with a £2,000 cash prize - the eighth person to win this amount in the lottery's weekly draw. Set up and managed by West Berkshire Council, the lottery provides a free online platform for not-for-profit organisations to help them raise funds for valuable community services.

The lucky £2,000 winner, who supports the City Arts Newbury charitable organisation, said:

"I chose to support City Arts as I have often been tempted by their courses but work and family life have meant I haven't been able to participate. I hoped that with my support through the West Berkshire Lottery, City Arts would be able to continue to offer a wide variety of courses so that when my family has grown up, I can take part!

"When I received the email I expected the win to be a nominal amount as when I've played other lotteries I've never been lucky enough to win more than £10 so I was shocked but very happy to find out I'd won £2,000. One of my daughters is due to start university in the autumn so the winnings will come in very handy. I will also keep some back for me so that I can book some courses with City Arts!

"If you would like to support our local community with the added bonus of possibly winning some money, I would recommend taking part in the West Berkshire Lottery."

City Arts Newbury is an Art and Community charity bringing "ART to the heART of the community." As well as offering workshops, talks and events centred on the visual arts, City Arts has a strong desire to make the visual arts more accessible and to reach the disadvantaged. They are well known locally for their flagship, free, community event, CHALKFEST which took place in Newbury Market Square on 9 August this year.

City Arts also makes grant applications and uses profits from workshop and merchandise sales to subsidise events and make them free/low cost to targeted sections of the population such as the isolated elderly. They also work with local groups, for example, the Youth Offending team, on mutually beneficial projects.

Claire Struthers-Semple, City Arts Co-Founder, said: "City Arts is delighted that one of its supporters has won £2,000 on the West Berkshire Lottery.

"We are happy to say that we were one of the first good causes to sign up to the Lottery. We heard about it through one of our students and also via a supporter. We decided to join as we felt it was a great way to create interest in good causes locally via a win/win approach.

"The funds from the lottery go directly into our fundraising pot which we are using to refurbish our building to improve the experience for all our users and to increase our operating year. By insulating and installing heating we can be open through the winter.

"Signing up as a good cause on the West Berkshire Lottery only takes a few minutes and brings in funds reliably every month. There are also periodic great offers which you can communicate to your supporters to boost interest and raise more funds."

West Berkshire Lottery is an online sustainable fundraising solution provided by West Berkshire Council with no upfront costs. The lottery is helping 132 local charities and voluntary organisations to diversify their fundraising streams and enable year-round fundraising in a safe, fun and effective way.

Players of the West Berkshire Lottery have raised more than £134,000 for the local community since the lottery launched in March 2019. Lottery players choose a good cause to receive 50p out of each £1 ticket they purchase, and an additional 10p from the ticket sale is put into the local community good cause fund.  This support has been particularly valued by local charities raising funds during the pandemic.

Nearly £51,000 worth of prizes has been given away to players since the lottery began. Players have the chance to win weekly cash prizes up to the £25,000 jackpot for just £1 per ticket from the West Berkshire Lottery website:  A draw takes place every Saturday and a 6 digit winning combination will be picked. Prizes will be given to players with tickets that match the first or last 2-6 numbers from the winning combination. Match all 6 and the ticket holder wins the £25,000 jackpot. Winners are notified by email

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